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2012 Decision – Ironman or Half Ironman?

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It’s decision time for the 2012 triathlon season.  What event(s) are you planning to race this year?  For some of you the question is: To Ironman or not to Ironman?  If you’re a “training time constrained” athlete, here are my observations of some performance expectations for typical weekly training time averages.

For an experienced age group athlete (minimum 5 months of training):

Average training hrs per week = Expected 70.3 & 140.6 outcome
5-8hrs = Average Half Ironman Finish — Below Average Ironman Finish
8-10hrs  = Above Average Half Ironman Finish — Average Ironman Finish
10-15hrs = Competitive Half Ironman Finish — Above Average Ironman Finish
15+hrs = Competitive Half Ironman Finish — Competitive Ironman Finish

Available training time is just one of the many important factors to weigh as you commit to go 140.6, 70.3 or both in 2012.  As you make your event decisions just remember to burn the boats and don’t look back!


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Written by Matt

December 13, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Posted in Ironman, Triathlon

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